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Regulation Military Medals & Medal Mounting

MILITARY HONORS, located in San Antonio, Texas, carries a wide variety of military medals, complete with medal mounting services. We provide custom medal mounting to meet any uniform requirement when wearing full-size medals or miniature medals on service dress, mess dress, or evening dress.


We stock a complete inventory of regulation military medals approved by the Institute of Heraldry and purchased from the leading medal manufacturers licensed by the US government. Full size and miniature, anodized and brass, all branches of the service - we stock them all.

Medal and Ribbons

Medals from the Civil War to the present.
• Foreign Decorations from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Southwest Asia, and the Global War on Terror.
Medal Prices that meet or beat any commercially sold medal.


We maintain strict compliance with each service branch's uniform regulations to ensure your medals are ready to wear for any occasion. Each medal is draped with a new, crisp ribbon and carefully positioned in the proper order to comply with service directives. Mounting prices run as follows:

Full-Size & Mini Medals - $7.00 per Medal
Medals Mounted as a Unit - $8.00 per Medal
Devices and Attachments - $1.50 per Attachment (Single Constructed)

Medal Mounting

Contact us for more information about our military medals and medal mounting services.